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Not to get all preachy but… NUTRITION: It’s kind of a big deal.  Really, though, who doesn’t want to look good nekkid?  Here’s my unsolicited opinion: If you want to makeover your outsides, a good place to start is by making over your insides. I’m not trying to be philosophical.  I mean literally make-over the inside of your refrigerator.

Last month when I gave up whole grains (gasp!) and legumes (double gasp!), I needed to fill the rest of my meal with more vegetables. (And this is the part where I lose the Epic Meal Time crew.) Up until that point most vegetables ended up as science experiment gone awry in the bottom of my refrigerator.  (A secret that I keep from my grandma who grew up during The Depression.)

So, I made a system for an organized refrigerator that has made all the difference.  I went to Target and stocked up some containers. Then I just got chop happy and started prepping all my veggies.  SERIOUSLY?  Why didn’t I think to do this sooner?!

Any extra veggies that don’t fit in the tubs, go into the now-dubbed “surplus bins” at the bottom of my fridge:

I also buy 3-4 leafy green lettuces at once (spinach, escarole, butter lettuce, arugula, red leaf lettuce, or green leaf lettuce.) So, now when it’s time for lunch, I bust out my Super Salad Buffet options to make one of these Big Ass Salads and all I have to add is some protein like hard boiled eggs or leftover chicken.  And when it’s time for dinner, I just reach in, grab a few tubs, pop open the lid, and add some veggies to sautee or roast or steam as a side dish.

Eventually, I’d like to replace these veggies with in-season vegetables from a Community Supported Agriculture co-op. But for now I will do what I can. Because, oh, this is too easy NOT to do.

(Can someone help me step down off this soap box?)


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE…except for the plastic containers.

    Perhaps belated Santa needs to send some

    Miss you, we must catch up!

  2. Very nice work! I go more for collard greens and kale and the like for my greens, but eat plenty of salads…I maybe cheat and eat a little pasta once or twice a year, but have been strict paleo for a while now, and it feels great.

    I am picking up pounds upon pounds of grassfed beef, as well as pork, duck, rabbit, etc this Saturday…all from local farms!

    • McGrok! Thanks! I’m acquiring a taste for more collard greens. Just picked up some kale and other leafies yesterday, actually! I’m slowing working up to going completely local – I’ll be hitting you up for duck and rabbit recipes soon, I’m sure!

  3. Cera Hardin says:

    OMG! I love it! I think that by separating all the different veggies into their own containers, less “green gas” is mixed up with the other veggies thereby lessening spoilage for the slower gas emitting veggies. Does that make sense? Check out Smart & Final for other types of containers too. I like the idea and I might just do my refrigerator makeover too! Looks Yummy!

    • I think “green gases” are something different but I TOTALLY get your point. :) The prep and storage seem to be keeping my veggies fresh even longer. Yeah, I would never mix my cauliflower with my tomatoes – you’re right, it would spoil quicker. Plus, that whole double dipping thing never thrilled me. Make over your fridge – I want to see pics!!!

  4. walkerhollyjo says:

    Jess, Tell me about fruit. I’m on a mission to make over my lunch. My fridge looks like this but it’s fruit. Is that bad? I also haven’t given up Coke zero yet, but I have started putting water into my constant stream of Coke.

    • Hi, Holly! Glad to hear you’re adding water to the mix! I agree with McGrok here – though sugar is a hard habit to kick, it does really bad stuff to the bod. I’ve decreased my consumption of fruits as it is still a sugar. It’s a natural form of sugar, no doubt, but a sugar nonetheless. I’m not demonizing fruits; i’m just saying fruits is best consumed in small portions. Thanks for commenting on my blog – it’s always great to hear what you are up to.

  5. Those salads looked great — wish I could eat one — soon! :) is paleo a particular diet?

    • After seeing those salads I’m convinced salads are very UNboring! Yeah, Paleo is a diet… I use the term loosely since it’s more of a lifestyle. It’s been working really well for me. If you’re interested, check out Robb Wolf’s oh-so-simple explanations:

  6. @walkerhollyjo sounds like a sugar addiction. Can be tough to kick. Those cokes should go first. They are really bad for you. Fruits are very heavy in sugar. I would recommend 2-3 pieces tops for starters, but do what you can do. Just in the back of your mind understand that the cokes, sugar, or high fructose corn syrup, will add fat to your body. So will too much fruit. Sugar is sugar no matter how you get the compound. It elicits an insulin reaction that begs your body to store fat. It can be tough to cut back for some people. Keep working on it 😉

  7. Nicely done! Great pics, too. Isn’t CFL like a stone’s throw from Greensgrow? I LOVE that place. There are much closer CSAs near me but I come down to Greensgrow for classes, plants, and stuff.

    • Thanks for the heads up on Greensgrow, JP!! We have a Farmer’s Market here at The Piazza on Saturdays but I’ll have to check out Greensgrow sometime. I had no idea it was SO close.

  8. How awesome is this. I wish my fridge looked like that, I wish it even had food in it at this point (food shopping didn’t make the cut so far this week).
    Looks beautiful and so healthy, love it!
    Laura @ A Healthy Jalapeño

    • jessicamacho says:

      Thanks, Laura! I find that I eat more veggies when it’s already prepped like this. It’s more “grab and go!” :)

  9. What a great idea! Even as a health coach I am guilty of having my fruits and veggies wilt in the fridge because I forget about them at times.

    • jessicamacho says:

      Thanks! I’m horrible at forgetting about my veggies. Plus I’m more of a “dump” cook and it’s easier for me to make meals when I can just dump already-prepped veggies in the pan. :oP

  10. My step mom told me to keep a papertowel in with my lettuce to keep it good longer.

    • jessicamacho says:

      I’ve heard of that working but I’ve never actually tried it. Does it work? I’ll have to try it – thanks for the tip, Meredith!

  11. mason jar(s) + handheld FoodSaver = amazing!

  12. Could you make a list of all the stuff?

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