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Tunes Tuesday

No matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to get into those motivational fitness posters that are flooding Pinterest. You know the kind… the “Keep Calm and [do something unrelated to keeping calm]” or the ones with Little Miss Hottie with a Body posed precariously over a bench and the phrase “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” or “Run until your legs fall off. Don’t stop. You’ll pass out before you die. Train hard. Rinse and Repeat.”

Yeah, NEWSFLASH: Not motivating. I don’t know about other girls but I’m more motivated by a new pair of pink Nike booty shorts, the kinds that don’t ride up when I deadlift. I put these on and all of a sudden I get it in my head that I’m a flyer for the Dallas Cowboys cheer squad. Oh, wait, they just dance… in booty shorts. Still more motivating than those don’t-tell-ME-what-to-do Pinterest posters.

Girl Walks Into A Bar(bell)


Other things I find motivating on this fine Tuesday morning: Burgers, Akinwale’s outlook on women and muscles, and Indie tunes to lift to. So for Tunes Tuesday, here’s what I’m warming up and lifting to:


The Warmup:



And the COOL DOWN. Yes.

What’s on YOUR iPod? Sharing is caring. :)

Fall Down 7 Times, Get Up 8… Thanks to Pistols.

Come to think of it, I’m really not sure how I was talked into trying this new sport called “splitboarding.” It was one of those “when in Rome” things that just sort of snowballed.  We moved to Colorado, it snows in Colorado, everyone in Colorado skis, I snowboard, let’s get a snowboard that splits into skis. Come at me, [snow.]

Girl Walks Into A Bar(bell)


So, last year we had a couple of extra bones to spare coupled with an Oprah-aha moment and I soon found myself signed up for an Avalanche Level I course with the Colorado Mountain School because I’m a (nerdy) girl that likes to be FULLY aware of the risks so that I can make my own decisions. And I want experts to teach me those risks. I’m That Girl on a plane that will turn to you and say, “Just so you know, the possibility of a plane crash does exists in which case we will most likely die. However, statistically, flying is safer than driving and it cuts your travel time in half!! These are cool seatbelts.” I said that once to my sister before a 13 hours flight to Guam. She started bawling. The flight attendant was, like, “Oh honey! Can I get you some water?”

At Colorado Mountain School, we were guided and taught by Senior Guide Mike Soucy (I like to think that’s pronounced “SAUCE-EE.”) And that class was, like, “Just so you know, the possiblity of an avalance does exist in which case you will most likely die if someone doesn’t find you in 15 minutes. However, we will show you ways to minimize your risk by analyzing snow packs and reading avalanche terrain. We will also show you how to shovel efficiently to cut down your rescue shoveling time. These are cool transceivers.” In other words, they were speaking my language!Girl Walks Into A Bar(bell)


Flash forward a year and I now find myself not only snowboarding more but also learning a new (although somewhat similar) sport and the long-winded point I’m trying to make here is… I see where incorporating functional movements into my workouts is paying off! You know those “@$$ to grass” movements like squats – they are most  helpful when you fall and need to get back up on skis.

And though my fall-get-back-up splitboarding movements aren’t exactly like my CrossFit movements, the similarities are indeed uncanny.


Girl Walks Into A Bar(bell)


Squats:Girl Walks Into A Bar(bell)


Turkish Get Ups:Girl Walks Into A Bar(bell)


Pistols! (Oh, and before I get comments like “I can tell you didn’t shave your legs in this photo,” let me beat you to the punch and say, “The 15 minutes I’ve saved by no longer shaving my legs every time I shower has allowed me extra time to practice my pistols so things even out. And, also, Honey Badger don’t care.” Don’t be like this douchebag.)Girl Walks Into A Bar(bell)


But the most functional movement of all? Dancing. As someone who CrossFits, I will say there is a pervasive “too-elite-for-a-90-minute-Zumba-session” mentality. Like my stepmom used to say, “Girl, don’t knock it til you’ve tried it.” Don’t be an Elitist. Try Zumba. And if there aren’t any classes near you, try the next best thing: Dance Central on XBox Kinect. If you can score over 550,000 points with 80% accuracy on level Medium of Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance” then you are my idol and I am way too competitive when it comes to this game!!Girl Walks Into A Bar(bell)

Seriously, though, I’m shamelessly admitting I rearrange my livingroom on my days off so that I can play Dance Central.


But, above all, just have fun with fitness. And get outside and try something new – it’s refreshing, even if you do fall 100 times learning the technique. <– Been there, done that, no regrets!! You’d be surprised how much skill transfer there is from your workouts to your sports.Girl Walks Into A Bar(bell)


And on that note, I’m packing my board and my Zumba moves for  a quickie Steamboat trip tomorrow. They got 24″ of snow last night. I’m about to get drunk off Champagne Powder.


DIY 24″ Plyometric Box

(This box jump photo is a little weird with four legs in the frame!!) At any rate, this post for a DIY 24″ Plyo Box has been in my queue and it’s about time I post it.

Girl Walks Into A Bar(bell)

I have to be honest: I don’t love box jumps. I don’t. I get frustrated when I fail to get in a jumping rhythm by my third consecutive jump. But, I do love how it gets my heart rate up faster than a cheetah on crack. Plus, the movement transfers well to my sports and it gives the equivalent of a Brazilian bedonkadonk lift.

I can’t take full credit for this DIY. It was inspired by a variety of plans floating around the interweb, like this one HERE. This plan is nothing new, I’ve just merely tried to put it in an easily understandable format. There are two versions of the plyo, the rectangular type that can be turned on different sides for different heights, or the “tapered” kind I have here. The rectangular kinds are a bit more bulky, heavier, and less structurally sound (so I hear) but they are easier to build. The type featured here requires beveling for a structurally sound plyo box and it’s easier to handle (although it cannot be used at varying heights.) Special thanks to this guy for all the help and advice.

(Here is the usual disclaimer. DIY at your own risk. I am not responsible for any injuries (or death?) acquired by following the content of this post.) Now, let’s DO THIS!!

(Download the printable PDF of materials and equipment here.) Materials and equipment needed:

Girl Walks Into A Bar(bell)


I recommend using a table saw for this project. I don’t have the garage space for a table saw (or the liberal budget) but I was able to rent one from a community tool library. You can search Tool Libraries in your state here. Boulder, CO has an awesome one that we frequent.

Girl Walks Into A Bar(bell)


  1. Set your saw blade at a 10 degree angle and cut your sheet of plywood along the horizontal midline (refer to diagram below.)
  2. Now bevel cut, at the same 10 degree angle, the remaining long edges (corresponding to the tops and bottoms of each piece.) NOTE: Bevel cut each edge at the same angle and same perspective. If you mess this part up, you’re screwed. :)

Girl Walks Into A Bar(bell)

Girl Walks Into A Bar(bell)

Girl Walks Into A Bar(bell)

3.  Reset your blade back to 90 degrees (straight up and down) and make the cuts for the sides of each piece. You should now have 4 sides of your box with ONLY the top and bottom edges beveled.

Girl Walks Into A Bar(bell)

4. Use a jigsaw to drill holes for handles, if desired.

Girl Walks Into A Bar(bell)

Girl Walks Into A Bar(bell)

5. Now that we have all four sides of our plyo box, assemble it.  Make sure you are on a level surface and using some clamps, ensure that the sides fit snugly together.  (If they don’t, now is the time to sand off any parts that are keeping it from fitting tightly.) Place a bead of wood glue along the two edges that are to be joined and glue the sides together.

6. Predrill your holes with the 3/8” wood drill bit. You’ll want to predrill so that the plywood does not split when you screw the sides together.

7. Using the wood screws, screw into the predrilled holes until tight (don’t overtighten or the wood may split.)

8. Continue for all sides of the remaining pieces.

Girl Walks Into A Bar(bell)

9. Now we can cut out the top. I saved this part for last to ensure that I get an exact size for the top and that the box is stable enough. Flip the partially completed box upside down on the remaining sheet of plywood.  Trace out the size and shape of the top.

10. Set the blade angle back to 10 degrees and cut out the top. Make sure your saw blade is cutting “into” the wood while you follow your drawn lines so that the edges of the top slant inward.

11. Assemble the top by placing a bead of wood glue around the edge where it will contact the sides and glue the top to the box.

12. Using the 3/8″ drill bit, pre-drill at least 3 holes on each side and screw the top in place with wood screws.

Girl Walks Into A Bar(bell)

13. Sand it down with a sander! Pay special attention to all the edges and the handles unless you like splinters.

14. You can now varnish or paint your plyo box and even place a rubber mat on the top.

Done! Jump around! Jump around! Jump up, jump up, and get down.